Tier 4 Lockdown effects on private hire drivers in London

This year has been particularly difficult for private hire drivers due to the covid-19 pandemic.  Even people looking to become private hire drivers have had the opportunity put on hold due to Transport for London not accepting new applications.  From Sunday 20 December, London and all its 32 boroughs were put into Tier 4 restrictions.  […]

Alternative jobs for drivers

Over the last few years, the Private Hire driving industry in London has become saturated and we don’t even have to mention the last 12 months of difficulties faced by drivers due to the pandemic. Private Hire Minicab driving has always had an appeal for people looking to earn money on a flexible basis, especially […]

New TfL Safety Test & Application Requirements

Transport for London has made some changes to the Private Hire application process.  Some new requirements have been added and some existing requirements have had changes. It is very important that all Private Hire drivers understand these new changes. Here is a list of the changes. New Safety, Equality and Regulatory Understanding Requirement (Short name […]