Driver Medical

Important: You must complete the PCO Medical form with your own GP, TfL will not accept a medical completed by any other doctor unless that doctor has access to your full medical records. To give another doctor access to your full medical record is time-consuming and the money you will save is not equal to the amount of extra time you will spend.

What if I do not have a registered GP?

In this case we would recommend you register with your local NHS doctor’s surgery and then book a few appointments to build up your medical record. If there are no GP’s available, we can always recommend surgeries that we have access to.

PCO Driver Medical

The first thing you need to do is visit the TfL website and print out your PCO medical form, you must take this with you when visiting your doctor.

PCO Medical Form & Check

When booking your appointment at your surgery, make sure you tell you are booking a Private Hire Medical.

Make sure your doctor fills out every section of the form and signs, dates and stamp pages 5 to 12 page, if there’s anything missing, your application will be delayed as you will need to go back to your doctor to fill out any sections that were missed.

Once you’ve got your medical filled out, you will need to login to your TfL PCO licence application form and upload the medical. Appointments take about 15 minutes.

To upload your medical, you will need to scan each page and upload them one by one. You can use a scanning app on your phone to make life easier.

TfL have asked me to do a second medical, what do I do?

After assessing your initial medical form, TfL may want more information, for this they will send you a “Request for Further Information” form. You will need to go back to your doctor for the additional checks. These often include checks on specific health issues you may have and will cost you additional fees at your GP.

Do I need to do a medical for my PCO Licence renewal?

Drivers that are due to renew their PCO licence and are under 45 years old will NOT need to complete a medical. For drivers between the age of 45 to 65, they must complete a medical check before applying to renew their PCO licence.