Topographical Training

What is the Topographical Test

TFL use the Topographical test to see if PCO applicants have basic knowledge of using maps (more specifcally A-Z Greater London Atlas).

Test Structure

The test has 3 sections, with 100 marks available. You need 60+ marks to PASS the test.

This is why its important that you can pass the map drawing part of the test, this would guarantee a pass regardless of how you answer the Multiple Choice Questions.

Our Training Packages


(1 teacher per 6 students)

  • 3 hour training in classroom with a tutor
  • Live map drawing activity
  • Unlimited use of mock test to do at home and online
  • A to Z map book provided
  • New License or Renewals will get help with completing their application



(Just you and 1 teacher)

  • This is a 1 to 1 session. Meaning no other students will be in the class, it will just be you and the teacher.

  • 2 Hour Class, 1 to 1 with Tutor (no other students present)

  • Live map drawing activity covered

  • Unlimited use of mock test to do at home and online

  • A to Z map book provided



(This does not cover map drawing activity)


Not Sure What To Book?

If you are not sure what package to book, or would rather book via phone call or in our office then please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help!

Topographical Test Structure

1st Part – Multiple Choice Questions (21 Marks)

➡️Using indexes to identify points/locations

➡️Using a map to identify directions and points/locations

2nd Part – Multiple Choice Questions (4 Marks)

➡️To demonstrate knowledge of compass points within directional based questions

3rd Part – Map Drawing Activity (75 Marks)

➡️To plan a route between two locations

➡️You will have to complete 3 routes, one SHORT route, one MEDIUM route, one LONG route.